The Grand Ole Opry -- A pictorial retrospective

Here I am standing in front of a gigantic guitar ... I mean, come on!  What else would I be standing in front of at the Grand Ole Opry!?

Another gigantic guitar ... pronounced GEE-Tar, folks.

There it is ... the Grand Ole Opry!

Waiting to enter hallowed ground ... or so the lady that was in our tour group that kept crying the whole time thought.
There's the artists' entrance!

I'm standing at the artists' entrance where all artists that perform at the Opry enter.  Pretty dag-gone cool, I think.

This is the sidewalk at the artists' entrance.  Look at that great looking foot  -- that's mine.  :) 

If you become a member of the Opry, you get a mailbox that  you fan mail goes into.  Whenever you come to the Opry to perform, you can pick up your mail.  Pretty cool, eh?  I'm standing in front of the desk were the performers get their dressing room assignments.


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