Being Understood

In the last few months, innocent conversations I've had ... or least I thought I've been having ... have turned into something way more than I ever imagined they could.  And I don't mean like viewing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.  I mean more along the lines of 15 car pile-up with body parts strewn everywhere.

Now, I realize that, to a certain extent, these train-wreck conversations have been spiritual attacks.  I get that. I've been working and praying about my heart, and I understand that these conversations have been tests.  I get that. 

It still doesn't take the sting out of them. I never meant for them to get that out of control or to get myself so upset over them.  But, I am looking at all the situations over that last few months, and I am being selfish ... and selfishness garners hurt feelings.  And, boy, do I have hurt feelings.  I hate being fussed at for things that I never meant to be contentious. 

And then it occurred to me, I just want to be understood.  We all do.  It seems to be a basic need, ingrained in all of us, and when we're misunderstood, it feels personal.  Now, there are those among us that not only want to be understood, but also rationalized, whether it's correct to do so or not.  Nevertheless, I've felt misunderstood.

How wrong to have harbored those feelings when the One that knows every hair on my head understands me, loves me, values me, and accepts me.


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