Enjoying the Moment

Enjoying the moment ... I don't spend nearly enough time doing that.  I think partly because, due to the nature of my job, which is all about planning ahead and future goals and anticipating eight steps ahead of the steps we've already gotten to --this planning mindset just automatically bleeds into my personal life. This crazy professional life stuff!

So, I tend to constantly dwell on the next steps or the next hurdle or the next big thing, and for all the concentrating I do on that, I tend to forget to really stop, breathe, and look around.

Moments ... lots and lots of moments, just waiting for me to take a look ... to enjoy ... to relish ... to bask in. 

Last night, I spent the evening just enjoying the moment, with two of my good girlfriends.  We laughed and cut up and talked about some pretty big, weighty topics, and I loved it! 

Lori just came back from Cambodia ... half way around the globe ... a world away, and yet, I sat and marveled at the amount of struggles and annoyances that we were both sharing over the past two years. 

We spend our lifetimes in a million little moments that melt into each other.  I doubt very highly that at the end of all those moments, however many we're allotted, we're going to stop and wonder at the sheer magnitude and awesomeness of our planning.  Rather, I hope that we are pleased with the glow those moments cast on the our lives.

I want it to be a goal this Summer Break to stop and enjoy my moments.  There are sure to be a lot of them, and I want to savor each and every one. 


spinach seeds said…
Each second is worth enjoying.

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