Hello Summer! It's Been Awhile!

Day 3 of Summer Break, and I am spending it in a professional development.  That's okay, because I am ...
a.) hanging with people I like, and
b.) creating a document that might actually be useful.

But I digress.  It's SUMMERTIME!!!!  I am sooooo excited for an ENDLESS SUMMER of fun in the sun.  Or, if one doesn't have enough money for an endless summer of fun, then an endless summer of TO DOs ... like painting a kitchen, painting a dining room, painting trim in a bathroom, painting cabinets and pretty much anything that isn't nailed down ... and then probably some things that are, in fact, nailed down.

Do you see a pattern here?

Then there is the daily ... DAILY ... flowerbed weeding ... lawn care ... cleaning my house ... organizing that office that I've been threatening to organize for ... well, for forever! 

Again, do you see the pattern here?   

There isn't room for BAREFOOT BLUE JEAN NIGHT in my summertime.  Oh I know how to party, don't I?


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