Socially Awkward!

It's not a secret that I oftentimes have difficulty introducing myself to new people, depending on the situation.  While I can be extroverted, I just sometimes don't feel like I have the finesse for those first introductions.  I prefer when someone introduces me to an individual, and I can run with that. 

Passive aggressive? 


Who knows. 

It just seems more comfortable for me, and we can all agree that I am not necessarily the most socially graceful person around.  I have tons of stories I could roll out here on my social graces (but mostly pitfalls), and one story would top the next.

But as I've entered my 40s, I've really tried to make a concerted effort to be more "out of my comfort zone" where initial introductions are concerned.  So far, I've failed miserably.  However, the good news is that I have 9 more years to get it right!

So, there I was, recently, in a situation that required me to introduce myself ... or more over, required me to reintroduce myself.  I stuck my hand out, and it the victim of my reintroduction, attempted a getaway, only to realize that they'd waited a second or two longer than they needed to, and must commit to said reintroduction.  Rather than be gracious, this social moron stuck their hand in front of me, half-heartedly grabbed it, and then, with the speed of a Roadrunner, jetted off as fast as they could. 

I don't believe I stunk.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd bathed that morning.  Yet, there I was ... standing there ... ahnd still extended ... choking on the dust left behind by the rapidly retreating indivudual. 

Not going to lie.  That behavior made me mad.  I wasn't trying to throw myself at this individual.  I was attempting to be nice ... kind ... friendly ... all of these things are NOT what most people see when the first meet me, I am told.  Most see reserved ... closed off ... guarded.  All of THESE things I will agree on.  I really do have to warm up to you. 

So, I fumed about the Retreating Social Moron all the rest of that day.  Was annoyed about it that evening.  Even dreamt about it.  Granted, I took THAT a bit too far, but I'm claiming temporary insanity due to too much Christmas Cheer at school.  It's a real issue.  I swear.

**FINALLY** I had a break-through.  Monday morning dawned bright and clear, and it suddenly occured to me.  I am not the socially awkward one.  Nope. I, in fact, did my part to spread generosity and friednliness.  Nope.  Not I.  Rather, the idiot that couldn't run away fast enough from me ... that person was the socially awkward one.

Score 1 for me, and 0 for Socially Awkward Dufus.

I don't know about you, but I am off to spread more Christmas cheer ...


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