The Government is Bungling Around with My Feng Shui

Everyone has heard about the Fiscal Cliff, right?  Right!  If you haven't, well, I want to know what rock you just crawled out from under, and, by the way, you might just want to crawl right back under it.  The fiscal cliff looks like a gnarly ride, and I am not sure you want to be around for that train wreck.

I am not naive enough to think for one minute that two groups of supposedly educated individuals that were hired, as it were, to have OUR best interests at heart, might actually PUT our interests at heart and solve this conundrum.  Nope.  Not naive at all.  When I first heard about this conflagration of hot mess, I knew this would be a tit for tat sort of issue where no one would want to get a long in the sandbox together.  I mean really. My fourth graders get along better on the playground.  Just sayin'.

But now I hear something that has rocked me to my very core.

Am I to understand that the Congress, a giant group of idiots, is now messing around with a Farm Bill? And that said Farm Bill, if not passed or worked on or tweaked, will cause the cost of milk and cheese to double in price?

REALLY!?   Congress, really!?!?!  Now you are making me really angry.  You're going to mess with one of my favorite food groups?  Chocolate milk and cheese?  I keep these diary farmers in business, folks.  Seriously!

I know I am not the only one tired ... weary .... plain sick and tired of this political tussling that occurs with every. single. thing. that they try to solve.  And let's just use the word solve loosely.  Because, really, they don't solve much of anything. 

Bungle?  Yes.
Creators of chaos?  Most certainly.
Media whores?  Ummm ... ever any doubt!?
Solvers of anything ... yeeaaaaaahhhh, not so much.

Yesterday, I purchased a gallon of chocolate milk for nearly $4 ... I can not imagine spending $8 for said milk.  And cheese? 

Listen!  Who ever you are.  You'd better do something!  And you better do something fast!  You aer messing with my dairy Feng Shui!


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