The Score

Puke 1
Me 0

When you consider becoming a teacher, all those involved in the profession tell you about all the wonderful, amazing, flowery things that they are privy to witness. 

The light bulb moments ...
The moments of self-discovery ...
The unadulterated joy in seeing new learning occur ...
The unmitigated laughter of a child ...

Then, when you commit to the career ... when you are so invested there is no looking back ... that's when those sadists begin to roll out The Stories ... they tell you about all the crazy stuff you deal with on a daily basis ... the things that normal, rational-thinking adults wouldn't dream of subjecting themselves to and who would run screaming in the other direction, "HELL TO THE NO!!!!"

Yeah, I think you have to be some sort of crazy ... or some sort of left of center to do this job. Seriously.

Today, for instance, I was happily monitoring a test when out of the blue, one of my dears up-chucked on said test. 

Insert heavy sigh here.

It happens.  It's part of the job.  I don't like it, but when you are dealing with children, it just happens, because they are humans, and, well, humans, as you might not be aware, are unpredictable little devils.  They do things that you would have NEVER expected them to do.  That's the nature of the humanity beast.

There's also getting sneezed on ... I once had a child sneeze ALL. OVER. MY. COFFEE. MUG.  It was still relatively full of coffee too.  A sad day when I had to pour that all out, that's for darn sure.

Coughed on?  Oh yeah.  I get coughed on. 

And lest we forget the living epitaphs on the bathroom stalls.  You haven't quite reached the pinnacle of your success until someone has scrawled, MISS MURRAY IS A BITH on the bathroom stall.  It looks as though I need to work on some letter families, no?

Still, at the end of the year, when I think back over the time spent with each class, I always manage to block out the "bad" stuff ... the puke, the coughs, the sneezes, the epitaphs (okay, maybe not the epitaphs ... those are priceless) ... and I always manage to find a few things that made my year fun and enjoyable and worth the valleys.  Those peaks can oftentimes be few and far between, but when they happen, man!  Are they ever worth it!


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