Ever Have One of Those Weeks?

A sinus infection knocked me off my life.

Okay, it didn't literally knock me off my life, but man!  I feel like I missed a ton of stuff. 

Ever had one of those weeks?

I feel sort of behind, even though my laundry is almost caught up, my house is picked up, and bills have all been paid.  Still I feel as though something is off kilter?  Ever had one of those weeks?

I have the best friends ever!  They have checked in with me through out the week ... offered to bring me meals and do Kroger runs ... and just sent words of encouragement while I was whiny and battling my sinus infection.  They were much better friends to me than I am to them. And still I feel as though I am out of touch with them all this week ... like I missed important details of their lives.  Ever have one of those weeks?

I have been having this ongoing discussion with a friend all week, and now, all of a sudden, nothing. I couldn't help but wonder if I said something in my snot-induced stupor over the course of the week that, well, you know, might have been off-putting!  Ever had one of those weeks?

I read a book this past summer by Ed Welch, When People are Big and God is Small.  What a freeing book as it really spoke to how we allow what we think people are feeling about us to invade our minds, and then, by proxy, assume that is exactly how they are feeling.  Most of the time, it's not!  We give a lot of power to our selfish selves, thinking that other people are that focused on us, when, in reality, they are more centered on stuff going on in their own lives ... implosions of family dynamics ... marriage issues ... financial strife ... every day life ... it all churns to a boiling point, and that, most likely, is what others are wrestling with ... not anything we THINK we might have said ... or not said. 

Ever have one those weeks?

Repeating that question in my mind once again this morning, as I puzzled over what I could have said ... or not said, I was reminded of Ed Welch's words, "We spend too much time wondering what others may have thought about our outfit or the comment we made in the small group meeting. We see opportunities to testify about Christ, but we avoid them. We are more concerned about looking stupid (a fear of people) than we are about acting sinfully (fear of the Lord)."



It took some time spent with my sister and her roommate, laughing and talking and junkin' to remind me that I can't help what someone may or may not have read into my snot-induced coma this week.  I try my best to be an even-keeled individual, but I am human.  Mistakes are made.  And most of the time, it really isn't about me ... or my sinus infection ... or the fact that I am having one of those weeks? 

Sometimes, it's really about someone else's hang ups ... someone else's worries or frustrations or struggles or denials ... and I can't own it.  It's someone else's just-one-of-those-weeks.

We ALL have one of those weeks, and that's okay .... that's normal ... that's expected. 

It's just one of those weeks ...


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