New Dish #2 -- Swiss Steak

Half of the little steak fell apart when I pulled it out of the crock pot. :)

So, Swiss Steak isn't any thing new for me.  My mom used to make it when I was a kid, and it is STILL my most favorite meal that she makes.  By far.

While my parents were down here visiting, she suggested that I could make Swiss Steak in the crock pot.  I had always felt like it was a bit fussy, and since I don't do fussy, never bothered to attempt it.  However, when my mom started to explain what she did, I was all, "OH. EM. GEE!  I could totally do this!"

The good news is that it is as easy as my mother suggested.  This biggest issue was the tenderizing of the meat -- I sent flour EVERY WHERE!  The bad news is that while it tasted fine, it didn't taste like mom always made. 

Personally, I sort of feel like she left a key ingredient out of the instructions. But perhaps it really does just taste better when mom makes it.

At any rate, 2 down, 98 new dishes to go!


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