Reinventing My Closet

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought, "I HATE everything in here?"  But then, you looked at your bank account and thought, "I have to wear everything in here....crap!"

That's where I am right now.  I've perused Pinterest to the point of depression.  And the thought occurred to me sometime late last night, "what if I try to replicate that in my closet?  I probably could ... maybe ... sorta ... well, minus the skinny model that looks good in absolutely everything."

So, today's attempt .... THE PINK OUTFIT.  I love pink, and it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month so why not, right?

Pardon the very poor quality photos ... selfies are always so gross, no?

The scarf is the same exact color as a the sweater, which I don't usually do.  However, it seemed to work this time.  Or so I am hoping ...  Earrings are by my sister ... or she found them for me.
Skinny jeans rolled up, because I am obsessed with that particular look.  Not sure if it works for me.  the Scarf and the sweater might be a bit too matchy, matchy, but I liked the look anyway.


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