A hanger what?  

Am I challenging my good readers to a duel with some unruly hangers?


A while back, I read an article on the blog Living Well, Spending Less. The author had a closet stuffed full of clothes, and she felt like she never had anything to wear.  Immediately I was hooked, because, currently, that is the state of affairs in my closet.  Granted, part of my problem currently is that fact that I have, misguidedly, allowed myself permission to eat whatever and have, as a result, gained weight.  Something I plan to remedy, but more about that later.

This woman did a very radical thing.  She took a look at every piece of clothing in her closet, and if it didn't fit, was ill-fitting, old, torn/ripped/"holy," out of style, or something she no longer really wore but still hung on to, she took it out of her closet.

She purchased some really nice, nice hangers,fancy covered jobs, 40 of them to be exact, and she chose to put all of her most favorite, most used pieces in her closet.  Her rule:  40 hangers in the closet, that's it.

Now, I have to admit to you all, that after reading the full blog (you can find it here 40 Hanger Challenge), my response was, "Oh heck no!"

Actually, my response was a bit stronger than that, but my mom reads this, and she will shake her head and say, "I raised her better than this," so I will stick with Oh heck no!

I just couldn't imagine parting with any of the stuff in my closet, especially since I'd already gone through a closet purge and felt like I'd done a good job with it already.

But as I have come to realize, while pawing through my tired clothing options each morning, I have hung onto a lot of stuff because I might wear it or I might find something that will coordinate with it beautifully or I might like it again.

In the meantime, I am gathering new option ideas, filing them away in my mind's eye, as I continue to build-up my cardigan collection! So, why am I hanging on to all those clothes?

I opened my closet last night, and looked in.  I am there, folks.  I am on the precipice of radical change in the clothing department.  I am not sure I will pare it down to 40 hangers, but I am close to hauling it all out, putting things together to see what looks good, and pitching the rest.

More to come, but trust me when I tell you, a HANGER CHALLENGE is in the offing.

Let the New Year, Clean Slate begin!


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