After church, a friend and I went to lunch at Panera.

I will admit it.  While I have been trying valiantly not to worry so much, I have, on a occasion over the last few days, fretted ever so slightly about two things:

  1. My pipes freezing in these soon to come sub-zero temperatures we are getting ready to endure.  
  2. The vacuum hose on my truck that has been making a funny noise for three months now.  
Granted, I should be fretting over the fact that I lifted my spending freeze to go to lunch.  That would be something to fret about, and yet, no fretting on that front.  

Nope.  I fret about nebulous stuff ... or somewhat nebulous stuff.

So, there was I was, in my truck, heading home to LESSON PLANAPALOOZA, singing at the top of my lungs to the radio cranked waaaaaay too far up the volume scale when ALL. OF. A. SUDDEN. out of nowhere, I hear this thumping, no thudding, no crazy wild thwacking noise.  

I freaked out for about a half a second ... until I glanced out the window and looked up.

Hospital's helicopter was flying low overhead.  

Yeah, just a typical day in my life, folks.  My head.  Scary place. 


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