I used to LOVE to read.  I really did.

Then, graduate school happened.   And, shamefully, I must admit, cable TV happened.  And I just don't do it anymore.

I have friends and family that read like it's their job.  I used to read like that.  I just don't anymore.

I used to have a 50 BOOKS IN A YEAR Challenge.  I didn't even attempt it last year.  How pitiful am I?

So, this year, I am thinking I need to stop killing my brain cells with drivel on TV.  I mean, if I am going to kill my brains cells, isn't it better to do it with drivel on the page?

I am going to attempt a new challenge; something I am hoping I can make happen.  It will be called READ SOME BOOKS IN 2014 Challenge.

No numbers.  I won't set myself up for that kind of disaster.  However, if I can manage 12 books in the year, I think that would be pretty impressive, considering the poor showing I had in the year 2013.

I have probably 5 or 6 considerable STACKS of books all over this house that I need to read first.  So, perhaps I will try to get through those before I storm my public library and check out tons of titles there.  However, if there are good reads out there that you think I must tackle, let me know.

READ SOME BOOKS IN 2014 begins .... NOW!


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