GROWING OUT -- An Analogy for Life

This "grow out" has been driving me crazy!  

Like every thing in my life, I want my hair to get to the finished product NOW.  I don't want to wait.  I want to look FAB-U-LOUS now!  Not tomorrow or the next day. NOW!

Oh, how this pervades my life, this incessant need to have every thing right now. Like a whiny, entitled child....

Today, while putting some styling gunk in this hot mess head of hair in attempt to tame the wings and whirls, it occurred to me: "Just go with it. You might find that the fun is in the growing out rather than the end product."

Why is it that I always come up with these nuggets while I am in the shower or in front of the mirror???  

Perhaps, deeply, it's because it's at those times I find myself at my most vulnerable, literally, naked, as well as figuratively so. 

I wonder how many times I've missed out on the fun because I haven't stopped to enjoy the grow out?  It's often in the grow out that we learn to enjoy the finished product. The work that goes into getting to an end result is so much more appreciated when we see the result of that hard work.  

There is a country song out there by another Michigan-born "kid" called HELLUVA LIFE.  Okay, yes, he sings about beer and girls and good times, and let's face it, helluva is probably offensive to half of my readers, including my mother. But I can't help but be captivated by the refrain, "It's a helluva ride... Yeah, It's a helluva life, it's a helluva life."

It's true.  This life?  It is a helluva ride.  Or least it is if you allow it to be ... if you stop asking for it NOW and just get out of the car, stretch and look around you.  Grand vistas stretch before you like never-ending horizons, and suddenly, growing it out doesn't seem so daunting.  


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