One of my favorite people ever passed away yesterday morning.  My great Uncle Ev.

You never knew a more jovial person in the world than my Uncle Ev.  He told the funniest jokes and usually laughed the loudest at them. I think that fact was more enjoyable than the jokes themselves, actually.

See, this is what I dislike about growing older ... saying good-bye to those that have been in your life for what seems like forever. I am aware that it's going to happen, but I don't think that makes the saying of the words any easier.

My pastor says "this isn't our home," and he's right, of course. We're just here for a bit before we all meet in Heaven.  And I know I will see him and others of my extended family in Heaven one day.  I have the distinct legacy of long lineage of Christ-followers. Talk about a blessing!

In my mind's eye, Uncle Ev entered glory yesterday morning and was immediately met by my grandfather and another uncle we lost last fall, Uncle Ellery.  After the initial handshakes and pleasantries, I imagine Uncle Ev told him one of his jokes, laughed boisterously, and then said, "Where are the fish biting, boys?"


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