2 More Down, 46 More to Go -- The Book Challenge Continues

I have managed a head cold this week.

I blame it on my pride.  I jinxed myself.

I was sitting around a table, and I said, out loud, "I managed to escape unscathed from this ugly flu season."

As if on cue, BOOM!, I got the cold. 

Irony.  Cruel, dark irony.  

However, while I've been feeling punk, I have managed to read not one but TWO books this week.  So, there's that.  

Yay me!

When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde is a sweet book of enduring love despite the odds and life paths that people take ... and it's not one of those sweet, syrupy love stories either.  It's sorta gritty, in a sweet, this-is-life-kinda way.  I feel like it's definitely a must read.  Put it on your list.  You know the one. It's longer your grocery list and TO DO list for the week combined!  

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty was a book that surprised me a little bit.  Not necessarily because of the content, but yeah, that surprised me too.  However, it surprised me because it was both funny and smart -- dude!  I had to use my dictionary function on my Kindle more than once ... or twice ... or four times.  I haven't done that in a long time!  And yes, it dealt with a very weighty topic that, at first, you donn't realize you are dealing with, because it's written in a funny, almost satirical sort of way. But then BANG! it's there.  Staring you straight in the face.  I mean, get this one on your MUST READ LIST now!


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