I was supposed to have a meeting yesterday after school.  The party I was to be meeting with never showed. After getting done what I needed to get done, I decided I was going to make a concerted effort to leave "at a decent time."  Considering, I am at my desk most days by 6:30ish a.m., a decent time for me was to be home by 4:00ish.

My house has been a disaster.  

There isn't one room, currently, that is close to "put together."  I get home, again, most days, and dump stuff where ever it lands.  I get dinner around and then collapse on the sofa where I don't move unless certain death is imminent, and even then, I'm going to take it under great consideration.  

Yesterday, however, more than anything, I wanted to make sure that I got control of The Situation.  For four hours, I did stuff!   And by stuff, I mean I:

  • unloaded the dishwasher
  • loaded the dishwasher
  • washed dishes
  • picked up the kitchen
  • washed four loads of laundry
  • folded four loads of laundry
  • put away four loads of laundry
  • vacuumed the kitchen, dining room, and living room
  • scrubbed bathroom sinks
  • scrubbed bathroom toilets
  • paid bills
  • cleaned out The Cat's potties
  • cleaned out the recycling bin
  • picked up the living room
By the time I finally sat down at 8 p.m., I felt accomplished.  Like I'd done something.  More importantly, I felt like I'd not been a spectator in my life. I'd actively lived my life.

I realize being Domestic Goddess Extraordinaire doesn't really seem like living, but the whole idea of just sitting there ... day after day ... watching even the tiny opportunities pass me by, hasn't been working for me either. 

I suppose it's all about being disciplined.  Ahhhh, my WORD OF THE YEAR ... DISCIPLINED.
I have a feeling that sucker is going to be popping up a lot over the course of the next 331 days.

Hey!  Whatever it takes to not be a spectator in my own life!


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