I bought cheapo reading glasses at Walmart today.

I really, really need new glasses.  I haven't had a new prescription in ... ummmm ... well, hmmmm.... when was the last time I had vision coverage?  Let's see ... hmmmm.... let's just round up and say A VERY LONG TIME AGO.

The last prescription I had was a bifocal prescription because I need both reading glasses and glasses for distance.   However, if and when I can ever afford new glasses, I will do two separate pairs.  I do not like wearing glasses all the time.  They cause skin irritations on my nose and the sides of my face.

I am blaming this on my parents.  One of them passed down the sensitive skin gene.  Thanks, guys.

However, I'm poor.  Not dirt poor.  Just "I can't afford stuff like glasses and new furnaces and new bathrooms" poor.

So, I bit the bullet and bought a pair of readers at Walmart for $5.88.

Walmart.  It's the seventh ring of hell, you all.  I'm convinced of it.  Especially on weekends.

But I digress.

I bought these readers, and you know what?  I can see stuff.  Like words and punctuation and stuff on pages. It's like the first time I got my glasses for distance and looked out at the trees and saw ACTUAL, REAL-LIFE leaves on those trees!  And dang it!  The trees had details!  Like bark and stuff.

So, yeah.  My distance sucks. Especially at night.  My night vision? Really sucks.  Who wants to ride with me the next time I am winging my way through these curvy Kentucky roads at night?  Anyone?


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