Fault in Our Stars
by John Green

A friend read this a while ago.  Like a year ago or more.  She said it was definitely worth the read if for no other reason than a man managed to NAIL a teenage girl's voice!  I will say, it's a feat indeed, and I agree with my friend.  Mr. Green did manage to nail it.  For realsies!

However ... yes, I am sad to say there is a however ... the hype surrounding this book left me a tad bit disappointed.   First of all, I just find it EXTREMELY hard to imagine that teenagers ... people that find it beyond difficult to walk the ten steps to the trash receptacle but rather toss their garbage on the floor/ground/floor of the car could have a better command of the English language than I do!  I get that these kids were smart.  Super smart, but are you serious, man!?  I am having difficulty buying it.  Sorry.

Also, the plot was predictable.  Not in a bad way. It's just that I guessed what was going to happen.  I like to be surprised.

Everyone told me I would cry.  Well, it's a given, I thought.  I will cry.  Only, I didn't!  I got teary-eyed and slightly lip quivery, but no tears.  None. 

If you are among the small bit of the population that still hasn't read this book, I suggest you do so.  It is well-written, funny where it needs to be, witty, and the protagonist's voice is ridiculously convincing. 


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