Sunday, October 19, 2014


I could whine and complain about the fact that my Fall Break ends tomorrow, but I won't. Truth be told, I was shocked when it rolled around to begin with!  

I know.  That sounds ridiculous.  But it's true.  I was plugging along, enjoying my quarter, and BOOM!  It was quarterly assessment time.  It is mind-boggling that this first quarter went by just as quickly as it did! 


To be honest, when Fall Break dawned bright (three days later than normal due to my having to teach an enrichment class), I didn't realize just how exhausted I was.  

I know.  That sounds ridiculous as well.  But, again, it's true.  I was so worn down that I spent the first chance I got just catching up on sleep.

I have often said that a sign of a great vacation (or in my case, a STAYcation) is when you feel like you have been off forever, and, ladies and gentlemen, I DO feel like I've been off forever.  I've traveled a little bit, walked some (it was soooooo rainy, y'all), organized a bit, cleaned and purged, laundered, scrubbed, cleaned, polished, read (A LOT!), and have just been lazy.  It's been wonderful.  

Haven't done much on the weight-loss arena.  Probably have gained.  I will have to get back to it now that the sun has come off of its vacation.

But I am relaxed.  I am well-rested.  I am ready to tackle the second quarter.

So, while departing is such sweet sorrow, moving on to the next portion of the year is exciting.  Holidays are approaching!  My favorite time of the year!  

If I'm not careful ... if I blink ... it will be all over with ... so, I need to enjoy it all.  Take it all in.


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