So, I just had the craziest thing happen to me. 

Actually, it was kinda scary.

After running a few errands around town, I decided to take a spin on the newly constructed, fully restored speed limit major artery leading into and out of downtown Frankfort. 

This major artery takes me to a pretty major intersection that, in turn, takes you to my subdivision and, ultimately, home sweet home.

It was getting toward the first phase of rush hour -- Frankfort has a few phases.  It's beastly, that State Traffic.  As such, it requires me sitting in my turn lane for an inordinate amount of time.  Often times, someone takes their lives into the own hands crossing that intersection on foot, and so ensues some rather interesting people-watching, which is what occurred today.  

So, there I was, people-watching.  In particular, two young males that, just based on their clothing choices this morning, were not giving the best impression about themselves, if a person was to, say, judge a book by its cover.  What interested me about these two was the fact that the one was attempting to light a cigarette, but couldn't seem to do so, severely depleting the Cool Factor I believe he was going for.  There was finally a moment that they felt safe enough to cross, and so they did.  They had just managed getting to the grassy portion of their walk when, out of nowhere, this crazy driver in a red truck takes that turn on two wheels (not even joking here) and heads right for them! 

It is at this point in the story that I must take a moment to explain that sometimes, my face doesn't necessarily do a very good job of masking my emotions.  I try, but sometimes, the Dumbfounded Look tends to bleed through in a very obvious manner.  

Such was the case this afternoon, as I was sitting there thinking, "DUDE IS GOING TO HIT THEM!"

Of course, Smoking Dude's natural reaction was to go APE-Poo-Poo Crazy, screaming expletives and threatening and ... ladies and gentlemen, I might have turned and looked at him with my mouth open wide and my head might have involuntarily shook in sheer wonder and utter shock at what I was witnessing.  

If only he hadn't seen me do that ... because all of a sudden, his rage was directed at me!  And the light hadn't turned ... and he was screaming expletives at me at least I think it was, because then I got my wits about me and decided to look away and stare straight ahead and hope for the best ... and the light still wasn't turning and I was all, "Well, this is how it's going to end ... with me dying at this BLESSED intersection all because I didn't have a poker face!"

It left me wondering ... why the rage?

I could list the reasons.  I know them by heart.  It's my job to know them for, well, my job.  

But broad daylight bullying ... I don't understand people.  First the Truck Dude and then the Cigarette Dude and ... where will it end?  This need to devalue people?  

It's a modern day scary ... or maybe it was a scary Halloween dream sequence I conjured up while waiting for that blessed light to turn.  


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