First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

I gave this book 4 stars on Amazon, but I have to be honest you, I wasn't sure. I wanted to give it three stars.  This book was both maddening and hard to put down and ridiculous and enchanting and hard to believe and quite believable.

It's Allen's second book in a series about the Waverly sisters and their oddly magical apple tree.  Supposedly, the sisters have weirdly enchanted gifts that everyone knows about ... and therefore are both drawn to them as well as "creeped out" by them.  Umm, hello!  A magical apple tree?  Creepers!!

This particular books takes place just before the first frost, when things always get really weird and topsy turvy for the Waverly family.  One of the craziest things about first frost is that their magical apple tree always blooms during first frost!  The petals of the flowers are magical.  Also, the tree doesn't like the men in the Waverly sisters' lives.  It throws apples at them.  And still, these guys accept it, give the tree a wide berth and move on with their lives. 

The Waverly's never eat the apples of the tree.  They don't like the taste of apples.  It is said that one family member did eat the fruit, saw her fate, and became a wild, untamed creature that eventually met that fate.

Hmmm, sounds very Adam and Eve-like, no?

This book felt so de ja vue, like I'd read this story before or was at least familiar with the plot, and yet it was so well-written, so enjoyable, I didn't so much mind that the plot was completely and undeniably not possible.

It's a well-written book that is worth the read. A terrific beach read! I plan to go back and read her first novel in the series, Garden Spells.


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