On the Lines of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!"

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I were out antiquing, and we found our selves at a local-ish outlet mall area, parched and ready for a snack.  We decided upon Culvers, in part, because they have diet Root Beer, a sister favorite. 

Now, we probably should have known better when we got ourselves into the longest drive thru line EVER. 

I'm claiming ignorance due, in part, to being in a state of heightened dehydration.

I am not going to hazard a guess as to how long we sat in the line, but let's just say A REALLY, REALLY long line. 

As we pulled up to the window, we both saw the girl, with BRIGHT pink hair, fussing with our diet Root Beers.  See, the thing is, I get it.  Root Beer is a drive thru window server's nightmare.  Cars are piling up all the way around the place, and there you stand, waiting for the dang fizz to settle down.  And I might have given her some grace if it weren't for the fact that they were terminally slow to begin with ... and if it weren't for what happened next.

I grabbed the drinks, noticing, immediately, how light they were.  Ann voiced what I was thinking. 

"Are you kidding me?"  Peeking in the cup, she then exclaimed. "Umm, these are only a quarter of the way full!!"

Apparently, said drive thru window chick (let's just call her Pink Hair) decided she didn't have the patience for dealing with the root beer fizz, so she handed us the cups full of fizz and sent us on our way.  

True story.

Ann went in to fill our cups, both of us cackling the entire time (and, really, it didn't take her long at all), only to discover, when she got back, that we didn't have any straws.  I suppose, when you only hand a person a cup with just a smidgen of liquid, in your mind you're thinking, "Eh, why bother with straws?  One swig, and it's gone."

And while I appreciate Pink Hair's attentiveness to the environment, I sorta feel like if I'm going to spend a $1.50 each on beverages, I maybe should get something that equates to more than just a swig. 

Call me crazy.

This leads me to the following question:  What has happened to the art of common sense?

I wouldn't ask this if it were an isolated incident.  However, more and more, I am encountering people that are straight-up stupid. 

Is it social media?  Are we becoming a species of dumbies due to our obsession with social media?  It seems like a logical deduction when you watch how many people actually interact with each other at, say, a restaurant, versus look at their phones/Facebook accounts/Snap Chats/Instagrams, etc., etc.

I, oftentimes, wonder why I waste the money to go out to lunch/dinner with people when all they do is read their Facebook pages.  Am I that much of a dullard?  I mean, I realize I am not the best conversationalist around, but, I mean, I think I can hold my own. 

I will just float that question out there to the interwebs ...


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