COLD FEAR by Rick Mofina

I wasn't sure about this one, y'all.  When I first got my Kindle, my mom told me about this service call Book Bub.  You can get cheap and free ebooks downloaded right to your Kindle.  I signed up, not really sure what sorts of books I might be getting.  Some of them are just plain bad, I'll be honest with you.  Some are no-brainers.  You know the kind ... the ones you want to read but not think about it.  Some of them, however, are gems.  I would say COLD FEAR is one of those gems.

I actually started reading this book back during my Spring Break in March.  However, the beginning just dragged along, and I had other books in my queue that were loaned out from my library's ereader program (why must I have a limit on the time it takes me to read a virtual book???  I. Don't. Get. It.).  So, I sorta virtually shelved it for a while.

I started back up with it last week, and if it weren't for the fact that I couldn't keep my eyes open whenever I began to read this book, I probably would have had it done in two days time.  Because, once the plot got rolling, it was a page turner for sure!  The story was told through a number of characters, and each character built on the last, and before it was all said and done, I was pulled into the story and wanted to see how it all played out.

Rick Mofina was a crime reporter, so his story is plausible. He alludes to the fact that this particular story might sound familiar to some that lived along the US-Canadian border near the Pacific Coast some 25 year ago.  I imagine he pulled heavily on stories he actually reported on. 

After finishing the book, I did a scant amount of research on Mofina.  Turns out, he's a prolific writer, and this particular book was in a series of books highlighting two characters from this title. Funny thing is, the characters didn't play a particularly significant role in this book, at least from my stand point.  There was another character that seemed slightly more integral than others.  Having said that, all the characters whose point of view the story was told were pretty strong characters.

As a side note, who ever edited the book, missed quite a few grammatical errors.  That was fun to pick out.

Overall, if you are looking for a good suspense/mystery title to take to the beach, I would recommend this one!

37 more to go ... I might be able to do this yet! 


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