It's is 8:03 a.m. on Saturday.  The official start of my summer vacation!!  Year 13 is in the books, and I can spend 6 or 7 short weeks (and they WILL be short ones ... so sad) just relaxing and getting my life back in order and recalibrated.  Task #1: Clean the atomic waste dump that is my house.  Holy cow!

Waxing a bit sentimental on you all, as I've looked at life (and my age, let's be honest here), I am struck with the idea of having each moment count.  Now, more than ever, I want each moment of this summer to count.  I want to have fun, and I want no regrets about the time I've spent doing "stuff."

During our testing period, when I was tasked with walking around the room monitoring test takers, I began "researching" Summer Bucket Lists.  And by researching, I mean, I got onto Pinterest to see what other people had done for bucket lists.  Turns out, lots of people do Summer Bucket Lists.  Who knew!

After looking at all the neat (and not so neat -- there are some weirdos out there, people) ideas out there, I began to craft my SUMMER 2015 BUCKET LIST. 

Here is it, folks, in allllll of its glory!!!

Daily Yoga
Rainy day readathon
Summer Capsule Wardrobe
Finish my novel
Read 5 books
Paint the Garage Door
Visit a Summer Festival
Rustic Porch Decorating
Create New Jewelry
Find a book agent/publisher
Significantly alter portion sizes
Eat watermelon for an entire day
Make a bird bath
Use the grill 5 out of 7 days
Grow lavender
Create a patio paradise
Fall Capsule Wardrobe
30-Day Photo Challenge
Blog every day
New, creative display of house numbers
Visit a Kentucky lake
Garage sale scavenger hunt
Build a bottle tree
Lose 30 lbs
Make homemade popsicles
Old movie day
Host a summer party
Eat more fruit for dessert
Grow an herb garden
Find five new salad recipes
Go to a baseball game
Visit a historical site
Go on a Kentucky river boat ride
Do a drive in movie


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