I've been thinking for a long time that I need to create a monthly budget that I stick to like glue.  Don't get me wrong. I followed a budget ... loosely.  Let's be honest here ... VERRRRRY loosely.  In other words, I had a number, but I had no problem going over that number and dipping into my savings when ever I needed to ... which was often.

You can see where my savings ceased to be a savings when I was dipping into it all the time.

So, today, I sat down and created a monthly budget.  My sister gave me the idea to keep track of my monthly expenditures in a notebook, and, as the bank clears the payments, I mark them off in the book. This will help me to keep track of all the payments as well as to monitor expenditures for the future. This is a truly inspired idea for my non-mathematical brain!  

The good news is that I now know FOR CERTAIN where all my money is going.  The bad news is I have no money for groceries this month!  So, yeah, there will be some dipping into the savings this month.  However, I sorta feel like getting this under control, I will greatly reduce the amount of dipping that is done. I might actually save some money for Christmas and birthdays and vacations!

Getting my life in order!


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