As you may know, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, without warning, my hair decided to get a natural wave.  Just BOOM!  There it was one day.

Now, in my hair's defense, when I was a wee one, I had ringlet curls.  Those things were freakin' adorable. But then I got my first hair cut, and the travesty of justice began because all those ringlets?  Gone!

I blame my mother for this ... just because she didn't want me running around looking like a hot mess ...

The replacement to those stinkin' adorable ringlets was this baby fine, straight as a board hair that tangled if you breathed on it just right.  I have been dealing with this situation since ... well, approximately six months ago, when my hair decided, "Hey! Wouldn't it be a gas if she had to deal with wavy, curly business?"

I have spent a good deal of time, effort, and money (on hair products) to tame the beast, but in the end, the beast won.  I just am not the person that spends that much time on her hair.

I blame the 80s for this.  In the 80s, I spent hours on the construction of my hair. Much of the ozone layer problems we have today? My fault because I used a can of toxic hair spray a week. A. WEEK. on getting my hair to defy gravity and stand just so high off my head.

Oh gah!  When I think of those spiral perm-filled days!

So yeah.  Now a days?  I want to spend no more than 10 minutes on this hair, and seriously, if I can get a 5-minute face rolled into that time, then we're talking 15 minutes on all areas above the shoulders, and DUDE!  Do you know how much more time I would have to linger over my coffee???

Priceless!  PRICELESS, I tell you.

For a few weeks, I've been back to blow drying my tresses, which, quite frankly, has been bumming me out because have I mentioned the coffee lingering time?

This weekend I was all, "Okay, hair.  Here's the deal.  You've been told you look like bedhead.  Guess what?  Don't care!  There's coffee to be consumed so lets get your wave on and do your thing."

I waltzed into school this morning with the Bedhead Look ...

Okay, let's be honest here.  I limped into school ... laden down with school bags and stuff. But the Bedhead Look?  On. Point.

I managed to get all the way through my day, including recess, wherein the wind decided to intercede and, well, let's just say, it looks like an explosion in a hay stack AND bedhead.  So, yeah, winning the Awesome Hair Award for days! So, I made it all day with no one saying any thing to me ... until my last period.  I go to the door, greet my students warmly, and little dude in the front of the line goes all curled lip on me and snarls, "Miss Murray! What happened to your hair?"

Y'all.  I can't win.  I just can't.  If you want to know why I haven't met Prince Charming yet, listen, the only thing I can say is that I am not taking the sound fashion advice from the little people in my life.

Lawd! Don't mess with your hair when you hang with 9 and 10 year-olds on a daily business.


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