I have often said that I do not think I could ever live in a place where there aren't four distinctive seasons.

Now, when you grow up in Michigan, a kid can experience all four seasons in one day.

You think I'm joking. I'm not!

About ten years ago, I almost made a move to Arizona.  A giant sandbox out west where people color rocks green and spread them all over their front yard to accomplish what? A feeling of grass?  I'm not sure.

I was so close to moving ... a move that I knew in my gut was the absolute worst thing I could possibly do, and thankfully, due to a perfect storm of stuff, it fell through.  It would not have been a good move.

I remember thinking, while tooling around the greater Phoenix area "how could anyone live here? There are no trees that will change color! There will be no snow! No red buds or tulips or daffodils blooming in Spring!"

Thankfully, I landed in Kentucky.  Four distinctive seasons here!  Granted, sometimes the seasons get mixed up and Spring comes during the middle of the Christmas season, but listen.  There are four distinct seasons.  That is all this girl needs!

I love seasons!  I love the seasons of life as well. The changes in maturity and professionalism and friends and family and all the crazy ups and downs that make up Life.

Seasons can be hard, though. Seasons can be scary and frustrating and upsetting and ... well, they can just be hard.

They can be a signal of endings ... scary beginnings ... changes in the patterns and routines of life ...

I am thankful for those seasons in my life ... the people that have entered ... and those that have left. I am thankful for the friends who have worked to make our relationships ones that are mature and relevant and necessary.  I am thankful for those friends that I've had to let go for they have taught me valuable lessons to help me shape the relationships I nurture now.  I am thankful for the family that have passed through my life ... for their investment in my life ... for their influence ... for their love.  I am saddened for having lost some those family members for I miss their investment and influence and love.

Seasons are hard, but here's the thing.  I wouldn't want to do life without each and everyone of those seasons!


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