My sister has always been the organized one.

When we were kids, she used to be able to come into her room and recognize IMMEDIATELY when someone had been in there and had been moving things around.

Me?  I couldn't even recognize whether stuff had been thrown away!  I was a bit of a Messy Millie when I was a child.

For fun, I used to go into my sister's room and move things around on her dresser because I knew it would drive her crazy.

She would color code her crayons and markers.  I liked to rearrange the color coding system because dude!  She was get so annoyed with me.

I was a button pusher.  It's true.

Somewhere along the way as I've matured into the functioning adult human being that I am today, I have been bitten by the organizational bug, and the result has been this weird necessity to organize stuff in a very rigid way.

An example is my closet.  I organize my closet by article of clothing with a sub-organizational level of organizing by color.  So, I have all my short sleeved shirts organized by color, all my cardies organized by color, all long sleeved shirts organized by color ....

You see the flow, no?

I showed my sister my closet once.  She screeched that I was OCD and declared me weird ... or some such nonsense.

I denied it.  I mean, it was just a simple way of making sure everything was organized in a way that I could easily grab what I needed ... easily and quickly.  That is always the goal, is it not?

The other day, I was putting away folded clothing, and it occurred to me that, perhaps, just perhaps Ann, my sister, was correct in her assessment. Perhaps, I was a tad on the OCD side.  I came to this conclusion while I was putting away my folded underwear.

You see, not only do I have them color-coded, I also have them organized by type AND brand.

Yes, perhaps there is a teensy bit of OCD floating around in this 43-year old body.  Just a teensy weensy bit ...


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