It is almost 2 p.m.

I've still not showered.

In fact, I am still in my pajamas.

But it's not what you think, though.

I've been cleaning since about 9:30 a.m.

I've been making homemade bread.

I've been doing laundry. And folding laundry.  And putting laundry away.

I've been organizing those items that get pushed to the back of your cabinets that you can't find until they are gross and unrecognizable.

I've been organizing coffee.  Heaven help me, I have a lot of coffee!

I've been simplifying and rearranging.  I've been reinventing and rethinking.

Some people like to spend their days in front of Netflix killing tons of brain cells.  Me?  Organizing and decorating and re-imagining things ... THAT is what makes me happy.

I will be spending my afternoon outside.  I will be rethinking a cabinet. Trying to shape it to the purpose I would like it to be.

I will be doing some more writing.  And some grilling.  Mmmmmm, I love the idea of grilling! I am doing all those things that fill my tank ... that make me smile ... that help me gain balance again ...

Pardon me while I go organize something.


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