Apparently, when I was out of town, vacationing in Michigan, work was being started on the house formerly owned by Hairy Man.

Let me back up.

It's been three and a half years since Hairy Man and his weirdo family moved, rather unceremoniously, out of the house behind me.

They lost the house, which I would never wish on anyone. But it happened.  And they moved out just a weekend before Christmas. Sad, really.

I know this because my neighbor told me.  Her lawn man told her. Her lawn man is now my lawn man. He gives me all kinds of scoop. But I digress.

In that three and a half years time, it's been put up for sale, sold, torn apart, resold, torn apart again, semi-put-back-together, Work Stopped Due to No Permits, torn ALLLLLLL the way apart, had a man die in it, and then worked on some more.

In that time period, with all those things going on, there have been great amounts of time ... HUGE amounts of time where NOTHING at all is going on in that home.  NOTHING.

Grass has grown really long and then cut rather haphazardly.  Bushes have been ignored. Scrub brush has grown up. Countless sketchy characters have come and poked around looking for a good bargain.

I didn't notice it Saturday, but on Sunday, I realized that A.) the car port had been completely cleaned out. All the garbage that didn't fit in the industrial dumpster they had sitting in the driveway forever, got left in the car port. B.) The rose bush I always scammed the roses from was gone.  Torn out.  So sad. C). The old, dead tree that the woodpeckers made nests in and raised babies had been taken down (I'm praying the babies flew the coop before their home's untimely demise.

Then, on Monday, a group of Hispanic men came with painting materials and spent the next three days painting every surface in that house, one would assume.  They also brought their own microwave to make their midday meal, which tickled me greatly!  Their mamma's didn't raise no dummies!

Now, today, we had power tools and dry wall and more people in and out.

We need to start praying now, y'all.  Praying for that good-looking single man who is going to move in when they FINALLY get it all finished.  Preferably, this good-looking single man should have the ability and willingness to do stuff around the house of the single girl that lives just to the south of his newly renovated house.

If I can't get the good-looking single guy, I would settle for a cute elderly couple. A couple who don't like loud parties or stupid crap in their yard or who have grandchildren.  Children are loud ... and they do stupid stuff like fly down the steep hill in front of your house on scooters without wearing helmets, or walk across your yard.

Yeah, I'm one of THOSE neighbors.

Y'all better pray hard!


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