Since getting back from Michigan, I've run head-long into some of my more "major" projects here at the house.  Cleaning and laundry were my top priorities, and those seem to be relatively under control.

I wanted to get that cabinet done, which I did.  It is moved in, and now, it just needs to be filled.  Folks, no worries there.  I WILL be able to fill it.

I've done some much needed weeding (that is an ALL THE TIME project, am I right!?), and, as an added bonus, I've run into TWO poison oak plants.  I sprayed the snot out of them and am now waiting for them to die an ugly, horrendous and well-deserved death.

I still need to score my ugly wallpaper in the hallway and get that down.

I still need to clean out the garage.

I still need to clean out the basement.

I still need to figure out how to clean the mildew off of my lawn furniture.

I still need to clean out my office (that place becomes the dumping ground of all STUFF I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH, I swear!).

But those things will come.  I know they will. A project a day ...

Today, I wanted to start the new tradition of getting out on the deck each morning and writing ... something, anything.

I've needed to get into some sort of groove for a while now.  My life runs better when I am in some sort of groove. It just does.

Helter skelter doesn't work for me.  It never has.

I feel like I am starting to get into a groove.  A summertime groove.  The sad part of it is, once I finally get the groove going, it will be time to go back to school.  SAD!

Yet, still, I will attempt to enjoy it while I can. Soak it in.  Appreciate it all for what it is, a well-needed, well-deserved break.

Off to continue my morning time, summer time groove.


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