Birthday presents!!

I LOVE presents!!

I'll admit it. I'm really like a 5 year old child when it comes to presents. I get soooooo excited about Christmas and birthdays. Just Because Gifts? OH! They send me over the candy-coated rainbow! I'm thrilled beyond words when I get a JUST BECAUSE gift.

It's not that I'm shallow. It's just that receiving gifts is a tangible way for me to understand how much you love and care for me. I guess that's my love language?

For my birthday, I received so many cards and gifts, and I LOVE them all! Here are just a small sampling of my birthday celebration.

My mantle is chock full of cards!

I got an Emealz subscription from Elly, and this is how it arrived on my doorstep ... all pretty and spring like that.

My parents sent me a gift card for this awesome footstool from Pier 1 Imports ... to match the rockasan I rec'd from them last year! They also sent me perfume. I'm gonna be smelling good, folks!

My sister is one of the most creative people I know. These are art pieces she made for me ... out of fabric, no less! Very cool, and they look awesome in my bedroom!


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