Bugging my bonnet

Occasionally, I get these bugs in my bonnet. I decide, often rashly, on certain things ... life-altering things, and typically, these decisions ... well, they come back to bite me in my butt.

Take for, instance, the moment of brilliance I had yesterday, when I decided it would be a good idea to "go off" caffeine cold turkey. I mean, heroine addicts have to go to rehab for months to kick the habit, and even then, it's touch and go for the rest of their natural lives.

What made me think I could walk away from caffeine cold turkey?

An altered state of being, clearly, because I've been sick to my stomach and head for the last two days.

So, when I twitched and jittered my way to the drive thru window at Starbucks, and the happy Starbucks Dude was all, "Hey there! How's your day?"

I practically shouted back, "I am DESPERATE for that Caramel Machiatto."

" "Nuff said ..."


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