TO DO lists revisited

So, how did I do on my TO DO list yesterday?

Well, for starters, I didn't actually start anything on that list until today. Oops!

Here's where I stand right now....

  1. Finish laundry ... I'm within two loads of being done!
  2. Clean up kitchen ... as soon as my dishes are done, this item will be too!
  3. Vacuum EVERYTHING ... with a long haired cat, this one is NEVER done.
  4. Dust ... Yes, there's dust! But I'm coming closer to battling it completely gone!
  5. Clean office ... let's face it. This is a HUGE task, and one I'm just not feeling right now.
  6. Iron clothes ... maybe tomorrow night.
  7. Clean out closets .... ummm ... yeah, no!
  8. Clean and mop bathrooms. YES! DONE!!!
  9. Balance check book ... not yet.
  10. Pay cell bill -- buried that and now it's overdue. Oops! DONE!!!!
  11. EXERCISE!!! Suppose to be a good day for that ... or at least not raining. Does HOUSE WORK count???
  12. Get my the needed items for my latest craft project.
  13. Clean up bedroom. YES! DONE!!!
  14. Put away laundry. YES! DONE!!!
  15. Clean up sticks out in the yard. Yeah right!
  16. Clean out truck. Yeah right!
  17. Finish lesson plans. Still working on this one.


Elly Gilbert said…
Clean up sticks....I know some kids who could help with that~

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