On becoming a hip-hop star

A number of years ago, I procured an exercise video, wherein, a person could accomplish two things:
  1. He or she could learn to dance, something I'm not at all good at. AND ...
  2. He or she could burn some major calories, all in 10 minutes.

What is NOT to like about that, I ask you?

Last night, I decided to drag the DVD out in order to jump-start my exercise regime, and I was immediately reminded of why I allowed dust to collect on the top of the DVD cover for five years.

I can't dance.

Not even a little bit.

I have no rhythm, and so when asked to do what visually appears to be simple moves, I am left with more than a few maladies.

Case in point, my right hip is on fire, I am in so much pain. I don't know what I did to it, but I distinctly remember feeling something "give " .... then, the inevitable pain. Moving out of bed this morning was a chore, and stumbling to the ibuprofen bottle was a practice in perseverance.

To add insult to the obvious injury, I topped last night's dance-a-thon off with a 30 minute Pilates workout. My shoulders, arms, and neck ache profoundly. The ibuprofen apparently has much too much to do with my hip to be bothered with anything above my belly button. I'm guessing the stomach muscles won't start really screaming until tomorrow, considering my body is dealing with enough inflammation currently.

Isn't getting fit a gas?


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