Happy birthdays and all that jazz

Well, I've officially celebrated the last of my birthdays in the 30s!


It seems weird to say.

I mean, I've been in my 30s forever ...

Well, actually, I've only been in my 30s for 9 years, but it has seemed like forever sometimes.

At the advent of my 30s, I was beginning a new career that I was so very excited about ... it was a brand new page ... almost a new lease on life for me. I was independent, but completely niave about where my life was headed and all the speed bumps in the way.

I look back on the last nine years, and I just sit with gaping mouth ... I mean, hanging-down-to-the-ground mouth! I can not believe this is my life {insert smiley face here!}.

Sure, I get all fussy about the minutae that every day living seems to breed, but I couldn't possibly have dreamt this for me ... not in a million years.

For example ...

I bought a house. I. BOUGHT. A. HOUSE! If you knew me at all, you would know how crazy that sounds when you put all the syllables and letters and stuff together. I am a homeowner. CRAZY!

I have a job ... a career! One that I've managed to keep for nine years. Okay, yes. I've been laid off from countless jobs within that career, and there was an ugly unemployment stint, but still! Prior to age 30, I'd changed jobs five times. Count them, F.I.V.E. I've managed to keep this career and thrive in it ... for the most part.

Yep, the whole "settling down" thing didn't apply to marriage for me. Rather, it was just lighting on something that I really loved doing.

I live in a state that I wasn't born in nor did I grow up in ... and I LOVE it! I love the people! I love the scenery! I even love my little town with all its idiosyncrasies and political maladjustments. I really do love Kentucky!

Folks have asked me if I'm having trouble with this age 39. Ummmm ... NO! I mean, why should I? The past 9 years have been amazing and adventurous and insanely crazy all rolled into one. Plus, every woman that I've ever talked to has said that the 40s are SOOOO much fun. So, uh, why should I freak out? Life can only get sweeter, and I'm jonesing for more sweet in my life!


Micah said…
LOVE this post!
Anonymous said…
I don't fear forty...Some of my friends say forty is fabulous. I'm 36 as of Feb. 4th. I feel my 30's are my life just really beginning...Like my 71 year old mother says, "honey just go with it"


P.S. Happy belated B-day!! I had a card for you but I was trying to get it in the mail and ice storm 2011 hit and caused mass devastation and hysteria! (not really) We just had no power in our town for 2 1/2 days!! As of 2/24/11 we are under a winter storm watch for 4-8 more inches of snow! UGH!!

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