TO DO lists

I'm famous for making TO DO lists and then losing them ... or burying them ... or ignoring them.

Here's what's on tap today. I can't really lose or bury this one, now can I? Ignore it? Quite possibly, but not lose or bury it.

  1. Finish laundry
  2. Clean up kitchen
  3. Vacuum EVERYTHING
  4. Dust
  5. Clean office
  6. Iron clothes
  7. Clean out closets
  8. Clean and mop bathrooms
  9. Balance check book
  10. Pay cell bill -- buried that and now it's overdue. Oops!
  11. EXERCISE!!! Suppose to be a good day for that ... or at least not raining.
  12. Get my the needed items for my latest craft project.
  13. Clean up bedroom.
  14. Put away laundry.
  15. Clean up sticks out in the yard.
  16. Clean out truck.
  17. Finish lesson plans.


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