Blowing in

UGH! Three more days of wicked weather.

Can I just tell you how SICK of this I am?

In case you weren't aware ... in case you've been living under a rock and haven't been privy to my HOURLY updates on how sick of this weather I am, let me just fill you in.


I am sick of seeking shelter.

I am sick of the fact that my yard looks like amber waves of grain ... only in the shade of green.

I am sick of the awful, howling sound the wind makes on my roof.

I am sick of worrying about stray limbs and trees that *might* fall on top of me.

And, quite honestly, I am most sick of the headaches. It's a constant, 24-7 vice grip on my head that just won't ever stop. I am constantly sick. And for some added pleasure, I'm even contending with dizziness ... all the time .... and when I least expect it ... and all at the same time.

Really. Can we just stop with all the weather dramatics? PLEASE!


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