A few years ... listen, don't do the math on me today. I'm in no mood. A few years ago, there was this show called THE PEE WEE HERMAN SHOW. I wasn't a fan, mainly because it was below me in terms of television viewing ... I was soooo mature then, don't you know. However, every so often, on a Saturday morning that my parents weren't hounding me to get up and do something with the day, I would catch a glimpse of the annoying antics of Pee Wee Herman. Among the many things that Pee Wee and his cast did was to have the word of the day. Every time someone said the word, they'd all scream and shout and generally act bizarre. It's in that spirit that I introduce my word of the day. FRUSTRATION! Two months ago, I started Weight Watchers. I did so publicly, because I needed to be accountable. I was skeptical about whether the program would work for me. Nothing ever had. So, you can imagine how excited I was, when within four weeks of being on the program, I'd lost 10 pounds. Insert screeching wheels here. That's where it stopped. Hit a brick wall. With an ugly crash. Mangled wreckage everywhere. Okay, perhaps a tad melodramatic. You get my point though. For the past four weeks now, I've been losing and gaining the same one to two pounds, and it's now getting to the point of being maddening! I know that I need to up my exercise, but it's difficult when you are attempting to juggle a full work week, tons of meetings, AND a full load of grad classes with all the STUPID assignments that go along with them. So, if throughout the day, when someone utters the word FRUSTRATION, and you hear screaming and crying and gnashing of teeth? That's me. It's my word of the day, and in the spirit of Pee Wee Herman, I'm making it known.


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