There are certain times in her life that, wherein my mother hears what has just come forth from my mouth ... or read what has just rolled off of my proverbial pen ... that her head hits the desk, and she moans incomprehensible words of complete disgust, all the while crying out to my father, "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! I TRIED TO RAISE LADIES!"

Today, Elly and I were having a lively discussion about the merits (some may say, the lack thereof) of MLA Style.

In my long-winded rant to Elly about the merits of the aforementioned MLA Style, I made the following comment regarding said citation requirements at my own personal Hell, or what is commonly known as Grad School:

"Shoot! IF I FART, I HAVE TO CITE IT!!!!!"

I use ALL CAPS to get my point across, as you can see. Additionally, I use a lot of exclamation points. Elly, I am certain, reads that as my arms flapping, and my voice getting all high and pitchy.

Elly's reply to my genteel comment went something like this:

"How do you cite a fart????"

It's a fair question. So, of course, I had to reply:

"Murray, M.J. 2011. The gas that killed a small nation. Frankfort, KY: The Pooter Press."


Mindy said…
LOVE IT!!! And I agree that MLA style is the most obnoxious thing-next to your farts! You know teachers are going too far when they're having students use it when responding to discussion posts in their online classes. Not teacher posted questions--the "respond to three people" posts! (Not me thank God, a friend's class) -Mindy

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