Going *bump* *boom* *bang*

I didn't get much sleep last night ... or maybe that was this morning ... not really sure. I just know I've not slept well, and here it is 8:18 in the morning, and I'm sitting here during my planning, trying to figure out how to keep my eyes from feeling all red and itchy and blood-shot.

Mercifully, we didn't get the nasty storms that were forecasted for our area when the cold front blew through. Alabama seemed to keep them all to themselves, poor souls.

What we did get were high winds, which of course, woke my already tired butt up and kept me up until almost three o'clock. There was some sort of banging going on above my head, but a quick check of the roof this morning revealed nothing. I'm not sure if I'm just losing it or what, but exhaustion has set in to a point that I'm almost unable to function.

I'm praying for calm, peaceful sleep tonight. I need it desperately. My body is beginning to reject the massive influx of nasty weather in the last month. I mean, the upside to this is that I'm down three more pounds. However, I'm not entirely sure if that is a healthy three pounds down.

I will contemplate that while I suck on the coffee cup full of liquid gold and attempt to make some sense of the jumbled mass that is my brain this morning ...


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