Big Mike's

If I was going to Mammoth Cave, I wasn't going to leave without visiting the TACKIEST tourist trap I could find. BIG MIKE'S didn't disappoint.

I would like to point out that no rocks that can be found to purchase at BIG MIKE'S were discovered in the depths of my travels through the Mammoth Cave system. Must have been in the Las Vegas Cave system that these were found, I guess.

I would also like to point out tacky items were purchased at BIG MIKE'S ... for my sister, Ann. She's going to LOVE it!


Micah said…
Daniel and I used to spend quite a bit of time in Cave City (it was the halfway point between us when we were dating). This brings back fond memories - ha! That city has a wealth of tackiness to explore. On one trip, we almost visited the Golgotha Fun Park, which was sure to be impressive -- until we realized it was Good Friday. That's too tacky even for me.

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