A giant Moscato and a curly straw

Overwhelmed ...

That doesn't even begin to describe my life at the moment ...

Full-time job ... oh, who am I kidding! A MORE than full-time job.

Full-time graduate school.

A house.

A lawn.

A demanding Maine Coon.

And then, two and a half weeks ago, a crazy intestinal bug that has created NOTHING but havoc with my digestive system. As a result, I've been sleeping a lot or fighting sleep a lot.

So, it stands to reason that this morning, as I motored myself into my neighborhood Circle K ... to purchase the coffee and water that I didn't have time to get around this morning, I looked down and realized that, yes, indeed, I was wearing my ...

... are you ready for this?

... I was wearing my slippers!!

My team mates cackled loudly when I called to tell them that I might be late to work as I had to go home and change my shoes to ... well, SHOES!

If I didn't have YET ANOTHER MEETING, I would be getting a giant bottle of Moscato and a curly straw ...


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