I had one of those weekends that started out pleasant enough, but in one wink, exploded into a thousand little pieces of chaos, and here I sit today, realizing all the STUFF I forgot to do.

Take for instance my need for cat food. I reminded myself all weekend that I needed cat food. Drove by two DIFFERENT stores that sell Emmy's brand of cat caviar -- numerous times, and STILL, I managed to forget to buy it. This morning, when she sat by her bowl and pleaded for it to be filled, and when I poured the 12 kibbles that remained in the bag into her bowl, and when she looked up at me with a look of complete and total disdain, I realized the severity of my goof!

There's currently a LARGE sign clipped to the doorway of my classroom that says: BUY CAT FOOD! My kids think the whole thing is odd. Hey! They have an odd teacher. If they are just figuring that one out, then we have bigger problems than me forgetting things.

Take, also, for instance my mortgage payment. It was due yesterday. All this morning, while getting ready, I had a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. It wasn't until I sat down at my desk after arriving at school that it occured to me, "OOPS! I needed to pay my mortgage."

Now, they don't start sending the mortgage police out until after the 10th day, but still. I like to be prompt with the important things ... you know, like dinner time and first dates and mortgage payments and stuff like that.

This always happens when I become overwhelmed and my life teeters off the delicate ordered balance beam I set it up on.

I stop organizing things ... piles form ... I buy my breakfasts at a gas station ... I pull clothes off piles that are neither clean nor dirty but somewhere in between ... I eat jelly beans for dinner ... it's not pretty, folks.

This afternoon ... after I attend two meetings ... after I buy cat food ... after I take my mortgage payment to the post office ... this afternoon, I'm creating a list.

I will be checking it twice.

I will be organizing my piles.

I will be creating order once again.

I will be restoring my little life to its delicate balance.

My little planets will once again be realigned ...

Or you will hear of a massive convergence of wills and homework and laundry and grading and lawn work and dinner planning and grocery list-making that all swirl together to create the perfect storm that will wipe me off the face of the Earth.


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