I went there

I went there today.

Oh yes I did.

I used an age-old Mom Phrase today, and as soon as it was out of my mouth, I wanted to put it right back in ... or just throw it away ... or hide it ... or bury it ... or do anything but what I did, which was utter it out loud.

What was the offensive Mom Phrase?

"If So and So jumped off of a bridge, would you follow her? No, because that wouldn't be a good choice. So, why were you doing was So and So was just doing? And further more, why would you tell me you did just because she was doing it?"


Mom's, I'm convinced, have been using this same reasoning and line of questioning since the dawn of time.

"And why did you use your sling shot to hit the Colosseum wall, Spartacus? I really don't care if Caesar did it first. If Caesar ran his chariot off of Mt. Olympus, would you? No, because that wouldn't be a smart decision. Just stop it."

You see ... try as I might, I can not make myself stop morphing into my mother. The inevitable is happening, and I am powerless to stop it.


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