My apologies to the readers

Seems like all I write about on this blog (or Twitter or Facebook) anymore (when I write) is weather or weight loss or The Appliance Dude or how crabby I am or ... well, basically, when I'm complaining.

That's no fun to read, I can't imagine. It's barely any fun to write.

I'm not sure what the problem is ... I'm going through stuff? That seems like a rather lame argument when I look around at the people going through Stuff .. you know, the capital S sort of stuff? Their stuff is way bigger than my stuff, and, as such, seems to trump my stuff.

The lack of sun? Well, I've actually seen the sun a few times over the last few days. So, that's not it. Gotta be a better excuse than that, right?

I hate that I can't muster the motivation to celebrate ... there are soooo many things to celebrate.

  • I've hit my first 5% weight loss goal!!! I'm officially down 13.5 lbs!!! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!!!
  • It has been sunny this weekend. Yes, really. It has.
  • It's Derby Week.
  • Only six more weeks until summer vacation, but who's counting. Let's be honest here, I AM!
  • Memorial Day Weekend, the official start to summer, is in a few short weeks!
  • I have a deck!! I can spend my entire summer out there if I want to, and I do!
  • I have the love and support of so many people, and this knowledge just fills me up.
When there's so much to celebrate, it's hard to continue to be in a funk. So, I'm shedding the funk and leaving it behind. Bring on the sunshine. Bring on the smiles!


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