Conversations that *I* had today...

I'm not sure what sort of conversations you have in a day, but mine typically go something like this ...

"I'm sorry. Please remind me what my rule is when I am out in the hallway talking to A.) another adult or B.) dealing with a student issue? If there is no gushing blood or if your hair is not on fire, you need to stay in the room. Period. End of story."

"Please do not blow into a Kleenex once and then throw it away. That is such a waste."

"What do I do on the weekends? What everyone else does on the weekends. Why?"

"Do you know how old that song is [referring to the AXEL F on our KIDS DANCE PARTY here in the classroom]? It came out when I was in middle school, so, yeah, like a bazillion years old."

"Please stop touching that ["THAT" could be any number of items, most of them disgusting]."

"No, I do not know how to ride skateboard. Yes, I do know how to ride a bike."

"Yes, I dance. Teachers can dance."

"What does it feel like to get your eyebrows waxed? It kind of hurts."

"Who cooks my dinner? I do!"


Anonymous said…
Wow.. I wish you were one of MY teachers(:
You're cool.

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