This time last year, I hit upon an amazing idea.   Why not gather all my best girlfriends ... the girls I LOVE to spend time with ... the girls that love me and really know me ... and let's have a girls weekend!?  The planning began, sorta, and then I deferred to my good friend, Erin, who is a WHIZ at planning trips!  We decided upon Brown County, Indiana ... a two and a half hour drive away  ... to a cabin ... a place we could hang out ... drink some wine ... laugh ... just have a great time!!!

We loaded up Elly's mini-van ... half of the van was snacks ... the other half was suitcases.  I might have packed a few too many.  This is not a surprise to ANYONE that knows me.  At any rate, we packed up the mini-van and headed north to Brown County, Indiana. 
Tabby standing outside of ALMSOT HEAVEN -- pool to the left

Almost Heaven was the cabin we were slated to stay ... and I'm relatively sure we would have found it quickly had it not been a.) raining  b.) dark out  c.) out in the middle of nowhere. 
The living room (taken from the dining room) ... those chairs and sofa were AMAZING!  So soft and comfy.

The Kitchen -- I want this kitchen!

ALMOST HEAVEN ... and the infamous hot tub!

 We did find it, and boy was it ever cute!!  Perfect for our weekend!!  We headed for the hot tub first ... everyone should have a hot tub on a girls weekend. Seriously!   There was a day of SHOPPING, UK Basketball, pizza, and wine ... and a night of smores and campfire fun!  I love these girls, and I LOVED spending this weekend with them. 

Adorable Smiling deer at a quaint little store in Brown County

The BEST cafe to go and eat in ... the Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Cheese (with grilled tomatoes and carmelized onions and crispy bacon) was AMAZING!

Erin is showing off the wine stoppers that we like ... they weren't EXACTLY like the ones we like, so we didn't buy any.

OMG!!  I veritable wall of caramel corn!

Sporting my hoodie AND my 40th tiara
Action shot of Erin working the roasted marshmallow
Attempting some fire-breathing magic??

Elly is enjoying our campfire mayhem
The entire group ... the Divine Sisterhood of the Kentucky Ya-Yas!


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