Friday was a frenzied day of "trying to get it all done" before I headed out of town for my MUCH anticipated girls weekend!  Top of the list was mowing my lawn.  I was woefully behind on that "little" chore, due to my recent episode of "UNDER THE WEATHERness" and a lot of rain.

I got up Friday morning determined to mow the lawn, pack, go to the bank, go to the grocery, and get the house picked up before leaving town at 5:30 p.m.  I knew it would be tight ... getting it all done.  So, I was completely in my own head space as I raced against the clock to get the lawn done ... and so when I looked up, on one of my sweeps across the long, long grass, I was slightly confused by the neighbor down the street, sidled up against his bushes, clearly peeing all over them.  I mean, subconsciously, I knew that is what he was doing, but my mind was on the long, long to do list.  So, it didn't really register to me that what he was doing was REALLY what he was doing.

After all, this man holds a pretty responsible position for his job ... management level.  He has a nice house ... a girlfriend .... he's a relatively good-looking man ... what on Earth would possess a man to leave his house, walk around to the side of his garage, and pee into the bushes?

He must have realized that there was a slight possibility that I would see him, because once he got himself, ummmm, presentable, he turned around and saw me.  Granted, I wasn't trying to be all up in his business, but it was hard not to, seeing as I was mowing in his general direction.   When he realized that I may have noticed, so to speak, what he was doing, he sheepishly turned tail and high-tailed it back to his house.

Here's what I've determined.  Men are gross.  A perfectly good bathroom, and they have to mark their territory ... all over the place. 



Mom to 11 said…
Because he can - that's why. The "men" in my house quit doing that by about age 5 however.

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